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What was wrong with Nawaz Sharif and he left the meeting? Ansar Abbasi’s disclosure

What was wrong with Nawaz Sharif and he left the meeting? Ansar Abbasi’s disclosure.

Journalist Ansar Abbasi has revealed that there was a fight between PML-N London and PML-N Islamabad over the price of petrol. The Muslim League London group was told that if you want to take decisions, then come from London to Islamabad and take decisions. Nawaz Sharif felt this very bad and he got up from the meeting.

Younger journalist Ansar Abbasi

said that last night there was an unusual dispute between PML-N London and PML-I Islamabad over the handling of economic issues by the Shehbaz Sharif government, due to which Nawaz Sharif got up from the party meeting. Gone who was participating via video link from London.

According to Ansar Abbasi, this meeting was held on petroleum prices and Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar were against the increase in the prices of petroleum products.

According to Ansar Abbasi, a leader of PML-N was of the opinion that PML-N London should not be under pressure regarding economic decisions so that the IMF agreement is not sabotaged, while PML-N London complained that the government could have a better agreement with the IMF.

حکومت نے نواز شریف کو باہر بھیجا، وہی واپس لائے: عدالت | Independent Urdu

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